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1 in a MILLION

Cork sci-fi film Stormtroopers is proud to celebrate 1,000,000 views on YouTube since it's release online nearly 2 years ago on May 4th 2018.

Stormtroopers starred Dublin Murders actress Carolyn Bracken from Nenagh and was made by Cork animation powerhouse Dog Day Media who also made the COVID19 children's educational animation Slyvie Bloom which screened last week on RTE. Stormtroopers was written & directed by Micheal Fitzgerald (Home & Away; Nightflyers; Game of Thrones) and produced by Cork Racing, A sequel to Stormtroopers adds Limerick actor Pius McGrath as the brooding captain of the Maurader battleship. The new episode is already over 50% filmed and the project has taken a pause in support of Ireland's COVID19 Emergency Measures. Filming will resume in a brand new 1800 sq ft studio set as soon as it is safe to do so and with full compliance with Irish Public Health advice.


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