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MOONBOOTS to film in Ireland in 2021

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

To celebrate the anniversary of the launch of Saturn V rocket to send the Apollo 11 mission to the Moon on this day in 16th July 1969, Cork Racing is thrilled to announce that MOONBOOTS will film in Ireland in 2021.

MOONBOOTS is an original science fiction film set on the moon about LUNAR TROOPERS aka MOONBOOTS who patrol the Helium-3 Mining Outposts to maintain the fragile security between Homeworld Garrisons, Insatiable Corporation Militias & Wild Prospector Colonists.

Three space shuttle missions of Helium 3 can bring enough fuel to support all human beings on Earth for 1 year. Helium-3 is in greater abundance on the Moon than on Earth, having been embedded in the upper layer of the Moon’s regolith by the solar wind over billions of years. The excavation of regolith to mine Helium 3 also provides an ideal material to build and insulate the expansion of competing Lunar Colonies while Helium-3 also fuels new and advanced spacecraft propulsion technologies.

MOONBOOTS is written & directed by Micheál Fitzgerald from Cork.  Micheál Fitzgerald graduated in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Manchester and has recently directed the award winning 2018 science fiction fan short film STORMTROOPERS which is trending at over 750K views on YouTube.

MOONBOOTS anchors its story on LUNAR TROOPERS who serve tours of duty on the Moon for several months at a time alongside a high earning, high risk FIFO (Fly In Fly Out) workforce funded by conflicting interests of Earth Governments and powerful Lunar Mining Corporations. 

However extended tours can significantly incapacitate troopers & colonists physically and mentally when they return to Earth due to the Lunar environment. Financial gains are painfully mitigated against lengthy physical and mental rehabilitation.

MOONBOOTS was inspired by Micheal's own experience of working in mining in Australia where the scale of the mining infrastructure is colossal and thousands of Irish workers have experienced the conditions, benefits and perils of FIFO work in Australia and for many of these Irish, Australia might as well be as far away as the Moon as to be separated from their family and communities in Ireland.

MOONBOOTS is produced by Cork Racing.


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